ServicePower HUB

  • ServicePower HUB FAQ's

    What is ServicePower HUB? ServicePower HUB (HUB) is a free updated version of the current Dispatch platform for service providers who deliver both cash on demand and warranty-based repair services on behalf of original equipment manufacturers, third-pa...

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  • ServicePower HUB Password Reset Instructions

    Please navigate to the website and follow the instructions below to reset your password on HUB:   Enter the email registered with HUB Select the box to confirm “I’m not a robot” Then click on the link “forgot password” to ...

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Servicer Training

  • Weekly Servicer HUB Training Agenda

    Greetings ServicePower Servicer!    ServicePower offers training to all servicers utilizing the platform. We look forward to hosting your HUB Servicer Training! Updated schedule/topics that will be covered include the following:   Training Schedule:    ...

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  • HUB Servicer Training Videos

    Please use the links below to review previous trainings on the ServicePower HUB platform.     Work Orders Training Claims/COD Jobs Training Coverage/Maintenance Training  

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Profile Management

  • ServicePower Portal Login

    Start your browser and navigate to In the top right corner, you will see the following icons. Click on the icon of a person (circled in red below) and you will be taken to the login page as indicated below.   Select your location ...

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  • Profile Set Up

    To setup your profile, click My Profile in the menu bar, this will take you to the profile wizard which will step you through the process of configuring your profile. You will also notice there is a percentage complete indicator which shows the current ...

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  • Group Capacity

    ServicePower has added the capability for servicers to dedicate 100% of a Group’s capacity exclusively to one specific client. This optional feature gives servicers added flexibility to serve their clients and address capacity needs. From the Maintenanc...

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  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) & Tax ID Number (TIN) Set up

    As a servicer you are required to enter your Tax ID number in your servicer portal. ServicePower will validate your TIN with the IRS to ensure the information is correct. ServicePower also offers Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) if you select to be paid ...

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Dispatch Management

  • Service Calls

    Click Service Calls on the menu bar, the menu will then expand to show all the sub categories available;     New Calls If you click on New Calls you will see a page similar to the above, new calls that have been assigned to you will be listed here rea...

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Claims Management

  • Claim Payments

    The payment history option allows you to view all of your payment history. Payment options also show which claims you were paid for. To view your payment history, first select the manufacturer from the drop-down list and then click on the OK button. Ea...

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  • Claim Search/List

    The claim search option allows you to search for any claim(s) submitted in ServicePower. You can search claims that have been submitted to any manufacturer using either one search field or using multiple fields to narrow your search.   Select the manuf...

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  • Submitting a New Claim

    The new claim option allows you to create a new claim for any manufacturer that uses ServicePower for claims. First select the manufacturer that you will be filing a claim to from the drop-down list of manufactures. Enter a unique claim number (claim n...

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  • Claim Status Definitions

    The list below will help you understand how a claim is processed within ServicePower. Each claim submitted needs to pass pre-defined edits for the manufacturer. These edits are used to ensure that the correct information is entered when creating a claim...

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sFTP Claims

Submitting an Authorization Request

  • How to Submit an Authorization Request

    This option allows you to request authorization to go ahead with a repair, usually required if the repair is going to exceed the pre-authorized repair limit. On this same screen you can view and search for any authorization requests that already exist. ...

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Integration Documentation

Network Contact Information

  • Network Contact Information

    For reasons you may need to contact the network/manufacturer: If you need additional details about the job, please contact the source of the dispatched job.  If are unable to to procced with a work order assigned to you, please notify the network or re...

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Previous Communications

  • Alliance – Speed Queen Go Live

    Sent: 3/16/23 We are excited to announce that Alliance – Speed Queen is targeting to go live mid-April 2023! As mentioned in our previous announcement, Alliance – Speed Queen has contracted with ServicePower to use our software platform, the network, an...

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  • New SPPN Service Opportunity!

    Sent: 3/2/23   Dear ServicePower Premier Network:   We have exciting news to share! ServicePower is exploring an opportunity to provide additional work and revenue to servicers in our network. We would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes ...

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  • sFTP File Exchange Process Communication- SPPN

    Sent weekly starting 02/3/23   Hello: If you are receiving this message, your ServicePower profile ID was found to have an FTP library associated with it, and ServicePower has an important announcement regarding an upcoming change to the way file exchan...

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  • Beko Name Change/ Go Live Communication

    Sent: 10/18/22   Subject: Blomberg Name Change & New Beko Brand Claims Processing   Dear Servicer: The Beko Brand will begin processing claims with ServicePower effective November 1st, 2022, so there will be some name changes. Because of this, if you ar...

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  • HomeAssure Communication

    Sent: 11/9/22   Dear SPPN Servicer: We are excited to announce that Home Assure is the newest client that will soon utilize the ServicePower Premier Network! They have contracted with ServicePower to use our software platform, the network, and unlike ot...

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  • Common FAQs

    Can availability be set per manufacturer? Yes. ServicePower now allows capacity to be selected for specific manufacturer's by utilizing the Group Capacity feature.    Is the call number and the claim number the same? This varies per network, some networ...

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  • Reset Password

    To reset your ServicePower password, please click on the 'Forgot Password' link: Enter your ServicePower username Click Reset password This will then send a secure, one time link note containing a temporary account password to the e-mail address reg...

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