Group Capacity

ServicePower has added the capability for servicers to dedicate 100% of a Group’s capacity exclusively to one specific client. This optional feature gives servicers added flexibility to serve their clients and address capacity needs. From the Maintenance menu option, select “Group Capacity”.



After selecting “Group Capacity” from the Maintenance menu, you’ll then select “+ Group Capacity”.


Once you’ve selected "+ Group Capacity” the following pop up below will appear. Select the group you’d like to apply the capacity to, by typing the group name in the “Select a Group” field.

*The group you’d like to apply the capacity to must be created prior to assigning group capacity, or the group will not appear as an option in this drop down.

After selecting the group, select the network which the group capacity should apply to. The “Capacity” field will always remain at 100%. After You’ve chosen the Group and Network, select “+Add” to complete setting up the Group Capacity.


Once the Group Capacity has been created, you will see it listed under the “Group Capacity” section.



Editing & Deleting Group Capacity


You can always edit the group capacity by selecting the blue edit icon under “Action.”


Once the icon is selected the following window will appear. Apply the network change you’d like to make and select “Edit Group” to save the changes.


To delete a group, select the red delete icon under “Action.”


You’ll then be asked to confirm deleting the group, select “Ok” to proceed with deleting the groups capacity.