Beko Name Change/ Go Live Communication

Sent: 10/18/22


Subject: Blomberg Name Change & New Beko Brand Claims Processing


Dear Servicer:

The Beko Brand will begin processing claims with ServicePower effective November 1st, 2022, so there will be some name changes.

Because of this, if you are currently submitting batch claims files for Blomberg products, please be sure to update the manufacture name on your claim records from Beko to Blomberg, or use the ID number of I645. The manufacture ID for the soon to be active Beko brand will be will be I646.

Effective October 14th, 2022 the Beko name you currently see on our platform will be changed to Blomberg. You can expect to see the Beko brand name return once that product brand goes live for claims processing.

If you have any questions on these upcoming changes, please call the ServicePower Customer Service line, or email