ServicePower HUB FAQ's

What is ServicePower HUB?

ServicePower HUB (HUB) is a free updated version of the current Dispatch platform for service providers who deliver both cash on demand and warranty-based repair services on behalf of original equipment manufacturers, third-party administrators, or home warranty companies.


What happens to ServicePower Dispatch?

ServicePower Dispatch users will be upgraded to the new HUB platform. HUB includes all the same features of Dispatch, therefore once you are upgraded, ServicePower Dispatch will no longer be needed.


What does HUB cost?

ServicePower HUB is free.


Why do I need to upgrade?

ServicePower is migrating all ServicePower Dispatch users to the new,

improved HUB platform. This free upgrade is mandatory since HUB is becoming the primary platform for all Dispatch users.


What happens during the upgrade?

Your profile information will be migrated to HUB and your work order data will be available the next day. Once the migration is complete, you will be notified and then have full access to the upgraded HUB platform.


Do I need an App to access HUB?

No, HUB provides a responsive interface which will work on all device types.


What happens to my existing ServicePower account?

Your account will remain as it currently is, there will be no changes. The only difference is that it is accessed through the new HUB interface.


What will change for me?

You will new have access to the same functionality through a redesigned, intuitive interface.


What happens to our CDA, Rossware, SwiftLink integration?

Business as usual. You will continue to receive dispatches and send claims as you currently do. There is nothing you will need to change with your current business management system.


Do I have to setup my profile again?

No, all profile information and settings will migrate to the new platform.


Do I use the same credentials?

You will need to update your credentials upon logging into HUB for the first time. Your username will be your email address and your password will be emailed to you.


Are there any minimum system requirements for this to portal (e.g., browser version numbers, operating systems)?

No, HUB will work on all browsers and any operating system.


Will servicers be able to limit access to certain information on the account from the additional users?

Yes, servicers will have the ability to set user roles and permissions for their users.


Up to how many different usernames/IDs may the servicer have for the additional users account?

HUB users will be granted a total of three unique users.


Who can I reach out to if I have questions after I begin to use HUB?

If you have any questions, please reach out to ServicePower Support at or 1-877-560-9495.