How to Generate a Public and Private Key for sFTP Authentication

Servicers uploading claims files, or parts distributors uploading PPV files via FTP, will now be required to connect to the new ServicePower SFTP server using an SSH key pair (public & private key) instead of a password, also known as SFTP. This document provides steps on how to generate an SSH key using an application called PuTTYgen and how to connect to the SFTP server using the FTP client, WinSCP.


*this does not apply to you if you are using services from ServiceDesk, Rossware or CDA. They have already transitioned to another method and you will not need any additional setup. If you wish to file claims manually via the portal under claims > new claim, there is also no additional setup needed.

How to create SSH keys for sFTP authentication:
A key generator like PuTTYgen is required and can be downloaded here:

Once PuTTygen has been installed, launch PuTTygen, and on the main screen select “Generate.” See the screenshot below.



To generate a key (both public & private) move your mouse around on the screen. As you move your mouse, you’ll notice the status bar will begin to load. Continue moving your mouse on the screen until the status bar has fully loaded (the status bar will fully turn green once complete). See the screenshot below.




Once the key has been generated it will appear within the “Key” section. See the screenshot below. The first key provided will be your public key. Copy and paste the output of the public key into a text file. This public key MUST be provided to ServicePower Servicer Support Representative within a text file once generated (the public key file should be emailed to




Next, you will need to save only the private key. The key should be saved under a file name that’ll indicate the key type. (Example: ‘Test_Key_Private’)



Upon saving the private key, PuTTygen will ask if you wish to choose a passphrase with the saved file. A passphrase is recommended as it provides greater security. If you choose not to enter a passphrase, PuTTygen will ask whether you are certain you wish to proceed without a passphrase, if so select “Yes.”



* If you choose a passphrase, you will be prompted to also enter the passphrase when connecting to the SFTP server.

When you save the private key, the file type will automatically save as a *.ppk file. See the screenshot below.



Confirm that the private key has been saved



*Be sure to provide the public key to a ServicePower Servicer Support Representative to complete the SFTP server configuration via email: