How to connect to the sFTP server using WinSCP (after SSH key generation)

(The steps below should be followed after ServicePower confirms your public key has been added to our server)

*this does not apply to you if you are using services from ServiceDesk, Rossware or CDA. They have already transitioned to another method and you will not need any additional setup. If you wish to file claims manually via the portal under claims > new claim, there is also no additional setup needed.


The FTP client WinSCP can be downloaded here:

Please note: the download page consists of advertisements. Make sure you are selecting the correct download button pictured below.


Once WinSCP has been downloaded and installed, launch WinSCP. Once launched in the main menu, select Session >New Site. See the below screenshot. To the right under “File Protocol:” select ‘SFTP’. The host’s name should be ‘’ and the port number should be ‘22’. Enter your SP Profile ID in the User name section and leave the Password field empty.


Next, you will use the private key previously generated to connect to the SFTP server. Select the ‘Advanced’ option at the bottom right of the Session box. See the screenshot below.



Once you select “Advanced” a menu will appear on the left. See the screenshot below. In that menu select SSH >Authentication then go to the “Authentication parameters” section where you will place the private key you previously generated using the key generator. Confirm that the key is correct, then hit “OK”. Press ‘Login’ on the previous page



After you log in, a window will display your local files on the left side, and the new SFTP folder structure on the right side depending on the FTP client that you use. Place your file in the FTPIN folder, and it will be deleted for you once processed. Continue to use the same filenames as before i.e., your SP Profile ID for claims files and KPIPPVUPD for PPV files. If you have chosen to have your claim status report delivered via FTP, it will be placed in the FTPOUT folder. See the screenshot below. For parts distributors, the KPIPPV.txt file will be placed in the FTPOUT folder.


* As a reminder PuTTygen and WinSCP referred to in this document are only recommended applications, and you can use other like applications. If you have questions on compatibility, please ask your ServicePower Servicer Support Representative at 800.377.3678 or