sFTP Claims Migration Deadline

Starting May 15th, 2023, ServicePower will no longer accept SFTP/FTP exchanges directly on the
ServiceClaims FTP Server (ftp://claimworks.servicepower.com
or sftp://claimworks.servicepower.com).


If you have not made the necessary changes described below before May 15th, 2023, your claims
and/or PPV files will NOT be processed. A new, standalone SFTP server will need to be utilized for
all file exchanges – please note that the new URL for this server is sftp://sftp.servicepower.com.


The switch to this new server will see username and password-based login deprecated and will be
replaced with ID and Certificate-Based Authentication. A private key must be generated by you the
servicer/PD. You must provide ServicePower with the public key to enable connection to
sftp://sftp.servicepower.com. If you have not provided us with a public key to process file
exchanges, we encourage you to do so immediately!


Further information on how to create a private/public key and how to share the public key with
ServicePower can be found here.


Change Impact Recommendations:
• Ensure integrations that currently utilize plain-text FTP with Username and Password
authentication are updated to support SFTP communication with certificate-based
• Ensure integrations that currently utilize SFTP with Username and Password authentication
are updated to support SFTP communication with certificate-based authentication.


Please review our FAQs (below) and contact the Servicer Support team via email at
service@servicepower.com if you need assistance with the creation of the public key. Please provide
the public key and test access to the new server as quickly as possible to avoid any interruption
with your file transmissions to the ServiceClaims system


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Impacted - Servicer and parts distributor networks using ServicePower FTP/SFTP (Claimworks) for
claim and PPV file submissions. This includes servicers that are using a BMS application, e.g., Rossware, CDA, etc., that uses FTP for claim file transmissions. Users of these applications should contact those software vendors. Please contact the ServicePower Servicer Support team at service@servicepower.com to provide the public key, so there is no interruption with your file transmissions.

Why - As a part of our continuous improvement planning, ServicePower is upgrading to a new and more

secure SFTP process. As a result, each impacted servicer and parts distributors will need to change their
existing process to account for a new URL (sftp://sftp.servicepower.com) and ID and Certificate-Based

What - Both servicers and parts distributors will connect with a new more secure SFTP site. This will
require new ID and Certificate-Based Authentication, along with connecting to the following, new URL:

When – For servicers and parts distributors, ServicePower is targeting completion of this upgrade and
migration to the new process on May 15th, 2023.

Where- New SFTP URL (sftp://sftp.servicepower.com) and ID and Certificate-Based Authentication