Common FAQs

Can availability be set per manufacturer?

Yes. ServicePower now allows capacity to be selected for specific manufacturer's by utilizing the Group Capacity feature. 


Is the call number and the claim number the same?

This varies per network, some networks will allow you to create your own claim number which does not have to be the same as the call number. There are also some networks that will automatically generate a claim number for you.            


Can claims be downloaded?

Yes, a printable version of claims can be downloaded for your records.


How can I temporarily stop getting dispatches or how do I temporarily put my account on hold?

Go to Maintenance then exceptions, under the Tech Exceptions tab, select the tech and adjust the daily availability.


How do I correct claims showing invalid W9 Tax ID?

Any claims with this error message will indicate that we either do not have your Tax ID information or if you have provided it, it may be incorrect and we were not able to validate the information provided with the IRS. You may submit your Tax ID by going to the “claims” tab and selecting “EFT & Tax ID”


How can I view which claims I will be paid for?

You can go to the claims tab, claim list and change the status to approved or paid to view the claims that have been paid or are in the payment processing cycle.


Why does my profile not indicate 100%?

There may be important information missing from one of the profile headers. You can go to the  “review” header within the profile. There will be a red "X" next to which section is missing information. Please note- at least one holiday must be entered under the “holiday” header.