Claim Status Definitions

The list below will help you understand how a claim is processed within ServicePower. Each claim submitted needs to pass pre-defined edits for the manufacturer. These edits are used to ensure that the correct information is entered when creating a claim.

Claims will be moved into a specific status if they trigger any edits. The claim definitions will explain each of the statuses. Servicers are only able to edit claims that are in the status Incomplete.


I (Incomplete Status) One or more fields have missing or incorrect data (It is each servicer’s
responsibility to correct any incomplete or incorrect information).
D (Distributor Review) The claim will need to be reviewed by the parts distributor.
M (Manufacturer Review) Requires the manufacturer to review the claim.
R (Rejected) The claim has been rejected due to incorrect or invalid data. You must contact the manufacturer for further info.
W (Manufacturer Denied) The claim has been rejected due to incorrect or invalid data and cannot be
S (Approved) The claim has passed all edits and validations and will be funded by the
F (Forwarded or Funded) The claim has been forwarded to the manufacturer for funding or has been
P (The claim has been paid by the manufacturer) The claim has been paid by the manufacturer.